Grass-Fed Bison Farm And Horseback Rides


Bison Farmer Gary Kent



Not only do we have some the best trails for horseback riding here at Smoky Mountain Trail Rides in Madison County and all of Western North Carolina, but we also have a Bison Farm. We sell the calves to local ranchers that want to have cattle and Graze their fields. Grazing is a good thing for farmers on their properties not only for the fertilization from the Bison's waste, but also for the health of the land.

We choose the Bison to roam our property for personal reasons, mainly because first they are incredible animal. They have survived over the centuries not only here in the Western North Carolina, but all of Northern America and Canada . They have roamed the same mountains for hundreds of years and the Cherokee follow them during their migration and provided not only meat but also the skin and fur for warmth. The native Indians used everything that they could use from the Buffalo.





We Sell Calves To Ranchers and The Bulls for Market in This Area


Buffalo meat, besides having rich, natural flavor, is also far lower in fat than beef and poultry. Buffalo meat makes a wonderful addition to a low-fat diet and is an exciting course for a summer barbecue or an elaborate holiday dinner. Buffalo is the natural, delicious choice for health conscious individuals and beef lovers everywhere. All of our buffalo are fed a natural diet of hay as well as having many acres to graze freely. Please email if you are interested in buffalo meat.We do sell the Bulls for market to some local restaurants. And we do use the meat for cook outs and any guests to the farm Remember bison meat is very lean, not that much fat and very high in protein, all your essential B vitamins.